TAKISOL brings Spanish CULTURE and LANGUAGE closer to you
THE BEST tailor-made experiences for GROUPS of all ages
no prior knowledge ofSpanish required!!
a unique opportunity to know Spanish CULTURE and LANGUAGE from within
we are based inHong KongNear you to help. Let's talk!

Summer in Spain for the little ones (Age:0-12)

Programs in Spain for kids & teens

Spanish language in Spain (All ages)


TAKISOL HK Ltd. is a company created by Spanish partners living in Hong Kong. Our headquarters are located in this cosmopilitan city with its diverse culture and East-meets-West character.

From our Hong Kong office we serve Singapore and Mainland China where we have partners and associates we collaborate with.

How we can help you

TAKISOL brings Spanish culture and language closer to you.

You get to choose how much of culture and how much of language you like in your own exclusive mix!!

Programs for all Ages

We have summer camps, programs for parents travelling with kids or stays with a carefully selected Spanish host family. We guarantee immersion with local students and adults like no one else does.

These programs can be partially customized to better fit your needs.

Custom-made programs for groups

Design your own exclusive program. We offer a wide range of activities that will make as many different possible programs as we like. You name it!!

All the way from language lessons (SPA/ENG) to activities like hiking/cooking/painting or any other on our list. You can think of a new one? We will create it for you.

No prior knowledge of Spanish required.
ALL our programs and activities can be run in English.
No prior knowledge of Spanish required.
ALL our programs and activities can be run in English.

Why Spanish

Over 400 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue in over 20 countries around the world.

The ability to express oneself and understand others in Spanish will widen the possibilities when traveling or doing business.

Why Spain

It is a country whose traditions are known worldwide, but besides flamenco dancing, bullfights, football and sunny beaches, Spain has infinitely more to offer. There are magnificient sights in every region, from astonishing natural landscapes to the famous Roman remains and Romanesque towns, splendid Gothic cathedrals and eighteenth century palaces.

And don't forget the foood! Paella from the Mediterranean side of the country, the best seafood in the world from northwestern region of Galicia, vegetables, gazpacho, chorizo and ham, suckle pig, Spanish omelet, made with fried potatoes and eggs, tapas all over the country... once you start discovering these world famous dishes you can't stop eating.

Spain is also becoming one of the most modern European countries, with futuristic architectur, contrasting with amazing cultural attractions. From cosmopolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona to the heavenly islands in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain is a country of great cultural wealth and diversity.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, just the beginning to all there is in Spain for you to discover... and then comes the people and the culture for which we don't have enough space here to fully describe. You should explore by yourself.


Spanish In HK

Our in-company Spanish programs are one-of-a-kind and have helped achieve incredible results learning Spanish at the office for the last 5 years. Ideal not only for Spanish and Latin American companies but also for any company running business in Spanish speaking territories trying to reach over 400 million native speakers all around the world. We offer uniquely structured programs with constant supervision and communication with management team.

Our group and private classes in Kennedy Town (HK) for students and adults are growing fast and steady. Making Spanish easy and fun for our students.

Spanish Culture and Language Workshops. Exclusive programs for companies in HK. We bring Spanish and Latin culture closer to your employees (in ENG or SPA)

Activities in Spanish for all ages. From toddlers (arts & crafts, singing, dancing, drama, story telling…) to highschool and college students (Spanish speech, drama, culture differences, language basics for tourism…)

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