Spanish Summer Camp in HK

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We are very proud to start this blog with the announcement of our "Little Spain Summer Camp - HK 2018" brought to you by TAKISOL and WingFong Education Centre ( A Total Spanish Immersion experience in Hong Kong for students from 6-14 years old. This program is ideal for students of Spanish. It's also open for native speakers and we are happy to welcome students who have never had any contact with Spanish but would like to give it a try before considering to enrol on some program for the school year. Give Spanish a try having fun with us!

About WingFong Education Centre: Our centre was established 30 years ago as Greenery Music, which is now a famous chain in music and art education. However, with a different mission, we decided to take on our own venture as WingFong Education Centre/Piano Company. We currently have over 450 students and over the years we have raised many talents. Many of them is now successful scholars, pianist or even painters. We are now a full-service education centre in music, art and academic tutoring.

We also feel happy to have 3 incredible collaborators that will help bring some more Spanish spark to the program: Spanish Tutors (, El Colmado ( and La Paloma (

LITTLE SPAIN Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to practice and learn Spanish in a natural environment. Lots of fun activities in Spanish. Taught by amazing teachers, with long experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language and of course they are native speakers. This camp will take students to Spain without the hassle to fly there.

The camp will take place for 2 weeks in July: the week of July 16 and the week of July 23. From Mon to Fri. Starting at 9am unit 12:30pm.

Our meeting point will be Kennedy Town MTR station. From there we will start the day with a Spanish Session where we will practice lots of vocabulary that will be used during the rest of the day at the activities we have planned. Forget the books, the dictionaries and grammar and homework. This class will be a big game, with a super conversational and fun approach.

Next: Arts and crafts in Spanish, games, electronic music and karaoke with real DJ equipment, dancing and cooking paella with a real Spanish chef. These are just some of the activities waiting.

Our fees:
3500$/week - 6800/2weeks
early birds before Jun 10 - 8%off
siblings - 5%off

For further info please don't hesitate to contact us:
ENG- 62907673 and CHN- 61725678